Friday, June 27, 2008


Diz n'A bola' que cada jogador Turco vai receber 450 mil euros por ter chegado ás meis.
Os alemaes ganham 250 mil se ganharem (150 mil se ficarem em segundo) e os espanhois 214 mil...

A Turquia é que está a dar! bora emigrar para a Turquia!!!!

Tal como Portugal, deram um baile aos alemaes. Merecem bem os 450 mil. Jogaram lesionados, cansados. Sem falar que foram presudicados pela UEFA, no castigo ao seu Guarda-redes titular - Demirel.

UEFA 2 pesos e duas medidas - Cuurrruppptoosss!
O montador de porcos leva um jogo, joga contra Portugal e marca a puta do primeiro golo...
O Demirel exactamente pela mesma accao levou 2 jogos, e já nao jogou com a Alemanha...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eles andam mesmo aí!!

UFO video

Mensagem do Hich

Alguns tem me perguntado o que se passa com o Hicham.
Ele finalmente libertado sob fianca. ou seja ainda nao está o caso totalmente resolvido (watch this space, e os spaces do costume).
Falei com ele no fim de semana e ele prometeu que voltará a postar neste blog (algum dia).

Fica aqui a transcricao de uma mensagem dele colocada no grupo de apoio do Facebook.

"I'm so immensely, eternally grateful that I simply do not know where to start

My heartfelt thanks to all of you, and I do mean every single person, for supporting me in such an amazing, unbelievable way. Your prayers, good wishes, letters, faxes, calls, texts, postcards, visits, donations and kind, kind words have sustained me throughout this horrendous ordeal and as a result have made me a stronger, more resilient person.

I'm just starting to join the outside world again and my mind is still stuck into a surreal, deep-set funk. But my sanity is intact, which is what matters.The Home Office has tried everything to pressurise me into giving up. It is still trying its best to whisk me away and vindicate my initial, absurd arrest under the Terrorism Act. But I have no intention of giving in and certainly no plans to give up.

All my life, including the 13 years I have spent here in the UK, I have done my utmost to promote a better, more peaceful world. Through my academic work, journalism, political activism, artistic projects and involvement at every level of student and community life, I have tried to be a positive presence and an engaged citizen. This has made it even more of an imperative for me to address this injustice and to do everything in my power to ensure others do not go through the ordeal that had been inflicted on me. My faith in the glorious traditions of free speech, equality and justice that so many of us believe in has not diminished and the Home Office actions have not, and will not, change this.

The fight continues, thanks to all of you. I will carry on defending my case and will not stop until I clear my name. With your help, I am confident justice will prevail and a swift, positive resolution to this insane farce will be the only outcome.Thank you again, for everything. I hope we’ll get to celebrate a definitive victory and a defining, pivotal moment within the broader fight against the insidious erosion of our civil liberties. Till then: I hope you stay with us. Your help has been and continues to be crucial and much, much appreciated.

Peace Etc


Monday, June 09, 2008

Outro país (planeta)?

Dois dias de sol seguidos. 26 graus de maxima...
Será que fui "abduzido" e nao dei por nada?
Será que vou voltar a ter bronze?
Sera que dura mais do que dois dias?

Parece que estou noutro pais de repente... O que é que se faz com tanto sol?