Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A landmark?

So I achieved one of the landmarks of my year. I have (finally) submitted my PhD thesis. This is not the end of the story as I still need to be assessed by a couple of people to become a fully qualified Doctor of Philosophy. I am felling like the Horse that just jumped the final hurdle and still needs to get to the finish line. But if I am the horse who the hell is ridding me? I suppose the examiners. So much for this brill analogy. Replace horse by runner or something like that. Like being awarded the penalty-kick, but I still need to score to capitalize all the hard work (or a dive if you are Liedson).

Anyway here is the front cover:


It means that now I need to start thinking what to do next. To start I have already sent an email to a company that I have visited last year. Kind of throwing the bate to the fish, in a good way. This bate analogy normally doesn't have a good connotation, because the Fisherman is trying to deceive the fish in going for the bate. The end of the deal for the fish is not exactly the one that the fish had anticipated... my analogies are really coming through very well (yes I could delete them but I like them anyway).

I already pulled a list of possible places to apply, both post-docs, positions in industry and ones that involve industry and academia. Quite a few different places: Budapeste, Jerusalem, Leuven, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Manchester, london, Madrid, another in Czech Rep, Greece, Singapore, a few more...

I also need to work on a paper to be submitted until the end of the month, that should be easy taken in consideration that all the info is probably in my thesis. 

I might plan a visit to Portugal in the coming weeks (if Amy lets me go).

Maybe I will read a book, maybe I will buy Super Mario Galaxy 2, maybe I will learn the guitar, maybe I will learn a bit of web skills, maybe...

Monday, September 06, 2010