Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beer butt Chicken!

So I bought a chicken today as I wanted to roast it. 
I was going to do the usual recipe but then I remembered of beer butt chicken.
This is a recipe that receives very good feedback but that I never get round to try.

So hands on. I have losen the skin and rubbed the insides with a mix of a chicken cube, peper, chili powder, grated garlic, grated onion, olive oil and a bit of beer. Mixed the "mix" left over with half a can. Shoved the can up the chicken's arse and oven (175ºC for 1h and 15min more or less).

Will let you know later how it tastes but it does look good!!

btw it is served with baby potatos and chantenay carrots that were parboiled 10 and then roasted for another 10-15 min basted with the juices from the chicken...

nom nom :)

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