Sunday, September 10, 2006

Team Mahida Meal Night Out

After returning from holidays, the Team Mahida "Gang" get together to a night out meal.
The meeting point was the Hog's Head for a "quicky" Pint (or coke)! But the meal it self was in "Las Tapas" a Spanish Tapas restaurant... Good Sangria but because we were 8 (i.e. a large group) we had to stick to the group menu which limited the dishes choice. Anyway it was a very pleasant meal.
In this pic (left to right) Kevin, Graham, Cat (Graham's girlfriend) and Shoua.

Olive oil??

On the other side of the table Becky and Katie (calm down katie the light is Gluten Free!!!)
After the meal, of course cocktails at Dogma. What's that pitchner Shoua??

Even Amy had a drink (Good for me!!)

Big glass Graham! Can you drink that on your own? Kevin looks like he wants a sip!!

No coments!!!

Always good making new friends (The guy on the left just asked some directions!! "Can you tell me the way to London??")

More pictures can be added soon as there was another digital camera at the dinner... Just keep checking!

P.S. Para a malta lusa, é como diz o Kevin: "o vosso inglês é melhor que o português deles"! Por isso e para facilitar a leitura está em inglês!


dedinha said...

Muito bem...O Ganda sp a bombar lol...
Por cá...a Festa do Avante foi ao rubro...só faltavam la vocês!! Quem quiser espreitar como foi basta ir ao meu hi5...tenho lá um cheirinho d como correu...
Jocas Dé (Adélia)

Vanadis said...

It´s so nice to see friendship between you guys!!